Our Mission

We currently support more than thirteen Single African Mothers and their children. All with their own story, marked by all-embracing poverty. Without perspective, desperate and sometimes homeless when we include them in our program. We assist them with school fees and medical costs until they are on their own. Because that is the big goal: independence of the mothers. The need is great. We want to grow our work. For them…

Pictures above: mothers from our program in their shop (set up with our help), in school and with children

One of our’ mothers has been raped by her father. She became sexually confused, had four children with three men, and fled to Kenya where we met her. With friendship and psychological support from Kenyan professionals, we guided her back to her country where she now runs a small dairy shop and sees her children every week.

We also support two sisters. The husband of one sister is a criminal and is in jail. He left his wife and daughter un cared for. The other sister was also abandoned when her daughter appeared to have a brain disorder with epileptic seizures. Together the sisters opened a clothing store with our help. They now earn enough for their lives. We still help with school fees.

Why single mothers?

  • In a continent where poverty and corruption prevail, women are the most vulnerable. Single mothers are also looked down upon at in East Africa.
  • Mothers are reliable and committed. They have a strong motivation for improving their living conditions. Everything for the children!
  • When you help a mother, you also help her children. A future is secured for the next generation(s). The mother also builds up certainty for later, because the children could support their mother in her old age.

Our objectives

We strive to provide mothers with the physical and mental help they need, from psychological support to medical care.

We also want a financially healthier future for the mothers. Some of them have to go to school and others help us to write a business plan. When there is a well thought out plan, we make a loan or donation available.

It is our goal that the children of participating mothers are healthy, have access to good education and that they can live safely at home with their mother. Something that cannot be taken for granted in Africa.

Finally, we set ourselves the goal of contributing to improving the climate. Various studies, including Project Drawdown, show that educating women in developing countries is a very effective way to combat climate change.

How to help