The founders of SAM foundation are Anne van Campenhout and Floor Koomen. They both regularly work in Africa. In collaboration with African filmmakers, they made successful documentaries, including Dusty Bin Dreams and Chickens for Kimaru. They have supported “Sammies” since 2014 and in 2018 they set up an official foundation. They are assisted by a number of regular volunteers: Gerda is a psychologist, Coby is a supervisor/coach and trainer, André is a financial expert and Gert works at an organization for international development aid.

Floor Koomen

Floor (1963) is a documentary film maker, writer, teacher, editor-in-chief and Africa expert. He spent part of his childhood in Africa and has been there countless times since. He wrote a book about his travels: Soms In Afrika (In Africa Sometimes).

Anne van Campenhout

Anne (1989) is also a documentary filmmaker and coach. She makes films and trains media students in various African countries. She also organizes discussion groups for women who find sex complicated.

SAM Foundation and e-Progress

SAM falls under the Stichting e-Progress, which has ANBI status (this means that the foundation is officially recognized by the Dutch government and donations are tax-deductible). e-Progress helps realize projects of others, including several programs for vulnerable people in East Africa.

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