How to help

Ways to support us: you can choose to become a regular sponsor and pay for the education of a child. If you are an entrepreneur, you can sponsor a shop or business. Of course, we also welcome one-off  donations. All help is much appreciated.

You can help us by transferring your donation to the following bank account in The Netherlands:
St. e-Progress SAM

Your gifts are tax-deductible under Dutch law. Please send us a message with your details, if you want to receive a payment confirmation. If you want to be involved in a different way, please let us know; you are very welcome.

We reserve the right to spend the money donated where it is needed most, in accordance with our objectives. We are in close contact with “our” mothers and together we decide on what has priority.

The SAM Foundation wants to spend the donated funds on the mothers in the best possible way. That is why we keep our overhead costs low. We account for our expenses in the annual reports that we publish every year here.